We empower each person to live life the way it is intended. A life of addiction is riddled with sadness, low self-esteem, and disappointment. This is not the way life should be for anyone, and we want all who walk through our doors to become empowered to make the right decisions for the best interests of themselves, their families, and their communities. The word empower means to give power or authority to. If an addict is given only one general path to recovery, and not provided with the option to heal according to his or her beliefs and comfort levels, empowerment is taken away from the very start of the road to recovery.

At Life solutions center, we understand that every person will have their own path to healing, and we develop a program that guides each individual through a series of courses and individual counseling that fits his or her own belief system and learning preference. The methods we use to accomplish this imperative element for recovery are evidence-based, comprehensive, and personalized.


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