Our Philosophy


Life Solutions Recovery Center was founded with the intent to rescue the Newark community from drug and alcohol addiction. Extending our reach outward, we now foster the nation’s patients of drug and alcohol substance use disorders, and restore the lives of addicts who have lost hope for the future. We are devoted to providing all patients, regardless of status or background, the absolute best, at affordable prices, and effective inpatient medical detoxification and subsequent rehabilitative addiction care.

We believe every sufferer of untreated substance use disorders deserve a second chance at life. It is with this as our philosophy that we teach you the management tools to reclaim your life from addiction. Our extensive rehabilitation services exceed the standards of the market by coupling modern medicine with holistic healing.

We are uninterested in solely treating the symptoms of abuse; our objective is to address the inner core of addiction and eradicate the addictive behaviors and habits that have allowed addiction to manifest. Beyond this, we help you discover the origins of abuse, resolving your innermost feelings of anger, depression, regret, and anguish.  We are committed to providing the best in drug and alcohol addiction treatment and to continually evolve with the needs of our clients.

Our professional and caring staff are personally invested in the well being of our clients. At Life Solutions Recovery Center you become as essential as the medical professionals who are here to help you, because your successful treatment inspires others to pursue treatment too. Your life is irreplaceable, and at Life Solutions Recovery Center we want you to know you are well worth every effort in saving.